An Introduction and a Slap in the Face from Mother Nature

Well hello there!

I know, wasn’t that just a mind-blowing ‘welcome to my blog’?  If I were able to serve you tea and cakes and have a little sit down with you, I would.  Although, some of you might be creepers and I’m somewhat adverse to the idea of opening my door one day to a box of photos of me with my eyes burned out.  Just thought I’d throw that out there in case someone was thinking it sounded like a good idea.  It’s not.  Please don’t.

So I’ve recently rejoined the outdoors universe.  No, I don’t mean I’ve been locked up in my house as an agoraphobic; more that I’ve rediscovered my love for hiking and all things beautiful that Mother Nature gives us (God, that sounds Hippie as hell).

I’m going to be honest here, while it may seem all ‘awesome’ and like I’m some sort of hard ass (yes, my military friends should be laughing at this), I feel like I’m sucking air much the way a fish on land does for about the first mile.  I’m not the super health nut, but I’m not disgustingly unhealthy either.  Perhaps my issue is that I don’t like to run.

Matter of fact: I hate running.  My response to anyone who asks me if I run is, “Nope.  I walk swiftly with intent and purpose on a treadmill.”  It’s the truth.  Running burns my lungs, throws a stitch in my side, and overall makes me feel like the above stated fish on land.  It would take a child in danger/evil-doer chasing me with a weapon and true malice to get me to run.

So naturally, it was a genius idea to accept Hiking Buddy’s challenge to go up into Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland after only a few ~5-7 mile hikes under my belt.  Hiking Buddy spent a wee over 20-years in the U.S. Army jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and slamming onto some Landing Zone (LZ) somewhere, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

The quick and dirty summary of that hike:

1. T Smithers ate something that must have had gluten in it because .25 miles into the hike she  thought she was going to throw up some venison and apples.

2. Hiking Buddy got all concerned.

3. T Smithers said “Eff this noise” and continued hiking up a stupid incline that felt like it’d never end and cursed the day she accepted the challenge from Hiking Buddy.

4. Once we made it to Wolf Rock and scrambled over some nifty rock formations, we stopped for lunch, took some pics, and T Smithers faced her fear of ledges.  Yeah, no, heights are fine, but ledges are freaking scary.

Wolf Rock

5.  We trekked off about another .25 miles to Chimney Rock.  I have to say, best decision we made that whole day.  It was absolutely stunning!  Unfortunately, we were probably a week too late to see the beautiful Fall leaves thanks to a wicked wind storm that rolled through.

Chimney Rock 2

 Chimeny Rock 2

6.  We finally descended about 6 hours into the hike – all walking with what we lovingly refer to as “Bambi Legs”.  Said our goodbye’s and drove to our respective homes.

7.  After arriving at home, I promptly stripped out of my sweat and dirt covered gear and ran a hot bath because I could and because the condo I rent has a bathtub in it that I can quite literally float in.

8.  Getting up the next morning, my glutes were calling me all sorts of foul names; names that’d make Pirates blush.

I suppose one could say that it wasn’t so much a slap in the face from Mother Nature just because the walk up was steep and I was out of shape… but more of a “Welcome back, weak sauce!” from her instead.



  1. Mrs. Smith

    You crack my shit up! I am proud to call you my sis reading this! You literally have me laughing out loud in bed with your brother passed out on me! 🙂

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