Weather Forecasts Suck: Hike Through Bull Run Mountains

Ullr - Norse God of Skiing, archery, hunting, etc., etc.

Ullr – Norse God of Skiing, archery, hunting, etc., etc.

I was originally hoping to title this, “Snow Hike Through Bull Run Mountains”, but alas, the snow that we were promised failed to arrive Saturday, and what rolled through Sunday could be replicated by a five-year old throwing a handful of confetti.  Therefore, sad face 😦

While the snow gods may have frowned upon us, the cold god had a great day.  My double-lined fleece gloves from Outdoor Research just could not keep the ice-cube feeling from taking over my fingers.  You know that feeling, right?  So cold you honestly wonder if your fingers will come off with the glove.

Enough about my lack of ability to choose gloves and on to the hike/mini-scramble at the top:

The Greekanese and I set out for Bull Run Mountain Conservancy (I have photos from December’s jaunt out there with Hiking Buddy in an earlier post) Sunday morning with the expectation of rain at the end of our hike… Yeah, no, weather guys lied again.  Hosers.

The highs, lows, and disappointments:

1.  I was incredibly un-motivated. It was like the obese kid inside kept begging me to sit on my ass and stuff my face with bon-bons.

2.  I really wanted The Greekanese to see the ruins dotted all over the Conservancy since he’d never been.

2.a.  That didn’t happen.

2.b.  Apparently they – you know, thoset magical decision-making people who no one knows that seem to make/dictate rules – decided it was “too muddy” to allow people down their fancy dirt pathways.  I mean, Christ people, it’s not like we would have slid and found ourselves in the La Brea Tar Pits.  The worst that could have happened was one of us slipping and landing on our posteriors enabling the other to point, laugh, and mock for weeks.

3. The map they give you after signing away your right to press a suit against the Conservancy for any injuries you might sustain because you decided you were a ninja on the rocks, is misleading.  What looks like .25 miles is really .5 (this is not necessarily a bad thing).

4.  Someone – also known as me – decided that going down a trail that is sort of marked but doesn’t show up on the map is a smart thing to do.  When we saw this:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy's Virginia cousin's place

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy’s Virginia cousin’s place

I had to admit to myself that Hiking Buddy may be on to something with his incessant needling of my uncanny abilities to find the places with all the creepy things that will likely wind up turning the end of our lives into some B-rated horror movie with our parts played by former Disney and WB actors who haven’t worked in three years.

5.  I’m really looking forward to spring even though it only lasts a week before summer slams into the area and makes me want to curl up into a ball singing love songs to my air conditioning unit.

Without further ado, some photos from the hike:

The Greekanese and I:DSCN0630














Maybe I’m weird, but this reminds me of the scene from Titanic with DiCaprio and Winslet on the bow of the ship




Other stuff:






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