Hiking No-Go Equals Finding a Burning Island

No Hiking: iandavid, flickr

No Hiking: iandavid, flickr

After having my masseuse spend 35 minutes on Friday attempting to take out one of the most painful knots I’ve ever had in my calf, to say that hiking was a no-go for the weekend is a bit of an understatement.

I pounded water all day so I could handle the appointment, hit CVS after the torture to grab some epsom salt, read a book while soaking in a bath full of said epsom salt, drank a monster protein shake, and gimped around the house like an old woman hoping I just might be able to get out on Saturday.

Yeah… that didn’t go so well. What really sucks is that this would have been an amazing weekend for hiking. A beautiful, mostly sunny 61-degree day in Virginia and I couldn’t enjoy it to its fullest. I did, however, get Roomie to walk the Wildlife Refuge down the road from our place while my former roomie/current landlord, Marijules and her husband, OCD-Man, moved more boxes out of the place.

As most walks through a refuge go, you can pretty much expect to see squirrels, birds, flora, fauna, and maybe a dead fish or two (birds of prey – big on their Omega 3’s).  What you don’t expect to see is a small ‘island’ burning off the coast.

Said small island

Said small island

It’s not likely it was hit by an angry Zeus chucking lightning bolts around because someone ate his ambrosia.  It was clear, sunny, breezy, and beautiful so my money is on a mini arsonist.

I’m also fairly certain some bird had its nest out there.  In the real estate universe, it would be considered prime location.  Out in the middle of the water and free from predatory animals.  I attempted to do the do and call Fish & Wildlife to let them know some random little island was burning, but there wasn’t a clear number to call.  Honestly, not sure why I was expecting there to be anyhow.  I mean, what would my options be?  “Please press 1 for injured animal.  Please press 2 for island fires.”

We continued on, found some fish parts scattered along the path, found some bald eagles, hawks, gulls, finches, squirrels, and I *finally* saw a turtle (no picture of said turtle since the little bugger jumped into the water as I approached).

After a lazy weekend, I’ll be attempting 10 miles this coming Saturday before I head up to Marijules & OCD-Man’s house for a birthday party.  Cross your fingers I don’t die a little on the inside.

Here are a few pics from the day:









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