Angry Muscles, Three States in One Day, Brews, and More White Stuff

Sun reflecting off a creek in the forest of Bull Run Marina State Park, Virginia

Somehow I convinced myself that 45 minutes on the bike shouldn’t affect my morning hike on Saturday. I was very, very wrong.

While I had originally planned for a 10-mile hike this last weekend, I’d forgotten to take into account Marijules’ birthday party taking place in western Maryland (a good 1.75 hours from my place) and starting at 14:00.  They live so far west that they’re only 10 miles from Antietam (aka: Sharpsburg) battlefield which is “just this side” of West Virginia and about 20+ miles from the Pennsylvania state line.

Needless to say, we did not do 10 miles, and even if we had the time, I’m fairly certain Jesus and his disciples would have come down just to point and laugh at me with the amount of bitching I managed on behalf of my very angry quad.  Nothing like feeling a massive knot in your thigh as you’re navigating the root systems along Bull Run Marina.

The roots (aka: trip hazards) running through BRM.  Photo from this summer.

The roots (aka: trip hazards) running through BRM. Photo from this summer.

Three miles later, we were back at the car and heading home to shower.  Complete and utter fail on my part, but I’m hoping to have this muscle issue rectified with the Potassium supplements I picked up this weekend.

A few shots from the day:

Bendy Tree in the forest - Bull Run Marina Park, Virginia

The tree kind of reminds me of the dancing figure from Dave Matthews Band

Sun reflecting off the water - Bull Run Marina Park, Virginia - Winter 2014

From the trail looking out onto the lake, Bull Run Marina - Virginia

Bit of snow left in the hills - Bull Run Marina, Virginia - Winter 2014

A little snow left on the ground - Winter 2014 - Bull Run Marina Park, Virginia

Sun shining through the trees at Bull Run Marina Park, Virginia

Marijules’ party breakdown:

Fried Puerto Rican food.  More people than the fire marshal would approve.  Little humans running laps.  OCD-Man (Marijules’ husband) in turmoil.  Puerto Rican’s rolling in on ‘Puerto Rican Time’.  Alcohol.  Lots of alcohol.  Did I mention the alcohol (none of which I imbibed in)?  General chaos.

The Greekanese and I left Marijules’ sometime that night to head back south.  Somehow, and I’m still not entirely sure how, I grabbed the freeway heading the wrong direction.  I honestly don’t think I’ve done that in 10 years.  Not only did I head the wrong direction, I didn’t even notice I was heading the wrong direction until we crossed into Pennsylvania!

Yup.  I went 20 miles in the wrong direction. I decided to treat it as a mini-adventure and a good moment to laugh at myself, bust out a straw, and drink up that bit of humility with a smile on my face.


Snow on the golf course in Virginia - Belmont Bay - Osprey Landing, Virginia

Snow out on the golf course by the house

Because this wacky weather just wouldn’t be complete without more snow.  A lovely day off to read some books, watch some old movies (Philadelphia Story, anyone?), lounge in pajamas, and drink hot cocoa (me)/some brews (Roomie).

DuClaw's Sweet Baby Jesus, Ovila, and Rogue Brewing's Hazelnut and Voodoo Donut

DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus, Ovila, and Rogue Brewing’s Hazelnut and Voodoo Donut

There appears to be a salt/snow-melt shortage in the states thanks to these Polar Vortexes we keep finding ourselves in.  This fact was proven on the drive in this morning (Tuesday).

Ice and snow mixed roads - Virginia - Winter 2014

At least I got a half-way decent shot of Pohick Church along Route 1:

Pohick Church and Cemetery on a snowy day - winter 2014

Pohick Church and Cemetery along Route 1 in Virginia

I’ll be heading off to New York City this weekend to celebrate my 30 glorious years on this earth.  Hope to have some great photos from that!


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