Hello, 30! New York City: Part 2 (Statues, Churches, and Other Stuff)

Smith's Bar and Restaurant - New York City

I’m going to start this out by saying: I’m not a photographer.  I take pictures.  I won’t claim being a photographer until I have one of those wicked sweet gigantic cameras with stalkerazzi lenses.

That being said, I love all things old and I adore architecture.  I can’t tell you much about it, but just like art, I appreciate the beauty and talent that goes into it.

A quick recap of my trip up to NYC from Part 1:

1. Obviously, I turned 30.  No, it’s not some amazing milestone, but it’s still pretty amazing that I made it this far.  I’m still shocked my mother didn’t drown me in a tub as a child given the wee hellion I was.

2. The Greekanese (my travel and adventure buddy) went up to the City with me.

3. We walked a lot.


The Church of Saint Francis of Assisi and its Friary (West 31st – ca. 1892):  This church is just across the street from Friedman’s Lunch.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see inside – perhaps on the next trip.

The Church of Saint Francis of Assisi - New York City

Franciscan Fathers House - New York City - Manhattan

Grace Church (802 Broadway, ca. 1800’s): We stumbled across this church on our walk back from Tu-Lu’s Bakery .  It’s a stunning building with a beautiful interior.  Unfortunately, they were doing a musical service when we arrived, so we chose not to disturb the service by being the blatant tourists rolling around the joint and taking photos of all the little things.

Grace Church - New York City

Grace Church - New York City - Green Door

Grace Church - New York City - Black Door

Grace Church - New York City - Old Wood Door

Grace Church - Stained Glass Window above the pulpit

Grace Church - Stained Glass Window by the Entry

Grace Church's Grace House - New York City

St. Mark’s-in-the-Bowery Church (2nd St and 10th Ave):  It’s an Episcopal Church with a small “park” – really, a slew of benches out front – called Abe Lebewohl Park (owned 2nd Street Deli).  They are also the oldest site of continuous worship in New York City (according to their site) and fall along one of the oldest streets in Manhattan: Stuyvesant Street (look up the history of the Stuyvesant’s).

Saint Mark's in the Bowery - New York City

The Church of Our Saviour Catholic church (59 Park Ave – ca. 1955): This was just across the street from where we were staying.  While not as ornate as some churches on the outside, it’s quite beautiful inside.  We weren’t able to enter the church as services were ending and our time was limited.

Red ddor and Ave Maria - Church of Our Saviour in New York City

Jesus Fresco - Painting - Above the Pulpit at Church of Our Saviour in New York City - Park Avenue


Father Duffy (Father Duffy Square within Times Square – ca. 1937 by Charles Keck):  Special shout-out to Green Lantern for his excellent recommendation in searching this guy out.  We had no idea who Father Duffy was, but once you read his “I’m a badass and this is why” inscription on the back of the statue… you get it.

Father Duffy Statue - Father Duffy Square in Times Square New York City Back side of Father Duffy Statue in Father Duffy Square - Times Square - New York City

Horace Greeley (Greeley Square Park, ca. 1890 by Alexander Doyle):  Greeley Square lies between West 32nd Street and West 33rd Street.  It is named after Horace Greeley who was the publisher of the New York Tribune, the Herald’s rival. (The two papers later merged to form the New York Herald Tribune.)

The unfortunate thing with city living and being a statue… pigeon poop.

Horace Greeley Statue in Greeley Square by Herald Square in New York City

Chester A. Arthur (Madison Square Park, ca. 1898 by George Edwin Bissell)

Chester A Arthur Statue at Madison Square Park - New York City

William Henry Seward (Madison Square Park, ca. 1876 by Randolph Rogers)

William Seward Statue - Madison Square Park - New York City

Marquis de Lafayette (Union Square Park, ca. 1873 by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi)


Independence (Charles F. Murphy Memorial) Flagstaff (Union Square Park, ca. 1926 by Anthony de Francisci)

Independence Flagstaff in Union Square Park - New York City

George Washington (Union Square Park, ca. 1856 by Henry Kirke Brown)

George Washington Statue facing the Flat Iron Building - Union Square Park - Flat Iron District - New York City

Union Square Drinking Fountain (Union Square Park, ca. 1881 by Karl Adolph Dondorff):  Meant to promote the virtue of charity to 19th century New Yorkers.  There are four lion’s heads around the fountain which used to have a tin cup chained to them to allow passerby to quench their thirst.

Union Square Park Drinking Fountain - woman with children and lion heads

Atlas Statue (Rockefeller Center, ca. 1937 by Lee Lawrie and Rene Chambellan): Unfortunately, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is covered in scaffolding, otherwise I would have attempted the shot of Atlas facing the church – a shot I’ve wanted to try for a while now.  Maybe next time!

Rockefeller Center's Atlas Statue


Old Building with Water Cisterns near New Buildings

24 Hook and Ladder Company - FDNY - New York City

Painted sign on a building - Estate Investments - New York City

Neat old building by Madison Square Park - New York City

Building in New York City  Charles Scribners Sons - Building

Inside Grand Central Station - Ceiling - Chandelier

Signs, Stone Carvings and Other Random Things I Liked:

Lamp Post near 10th Street and 2nd Avenue - New York City

Charles Scribners Sons - Sign 

O'Reilly's Pub - New York City

110 East 42nd Street - Building Sign - NYC

Niokla Tesla Corner - West 40th Street - New York City

“Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more” – Tesla

Pershing Square Sign

Owl recess in an arch above a window - New York City

Goat Head - Flower Pot - Bryant Park - New York City

New York Public Library – Library Way Quotes: Really quite neat.  Bronze plaques with literary quotes running up and down 41st Street.  We had no idea this was here until we stumbled upon it.  For a book lover like me, this made my morning!

Descartes Quote - Library Way - New York City

Compass - Library Way Quotes - New York City

Carroll - Through the Looking Glass - Library Way

What I’ve learned from this trip is that I need to figure out how to photograph objects better.  For some reason I’m struggling with structures and “things” – especially where light is concerned.  Good thing I love books; I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a great deal of time in photography how-to’s.



  1. Scott

    T – you took a great picture of the entryway sign for 110 East 42nd Street. We are a small law firm that is moving into that building and we would like to use the photo on one of the pages in the firm Web Site. Please Scott a call at 212.682.2900

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