My Love of Music: Crossing Genres

CelloSomething most people in my circle are aware of is my love of music.

There’s something in music for everyone. The deaf can feel the power of bass and beat; those struggling with mental health issues can be calmed and soothed – can find a light inside themselves through music therapy; babies can listen and be calmed or excited by it while in utero. Music is boundless.

I find myself thanking my mother for always being open-minded and introducing my brother, Smitty, and I to everything from the Beatles to Ricky Martin (laugh – it’s ok).

The first cassette tape – yes, cassette tape for those of you youngin’s who grew up with CDs and iPods – I bought was at a garage sale in Minnesota as a 10-year-old. That tape was my introduction to Glenn Miller Band and the height of big band music and a true start to my addiction to musicals and classic movies.

As a pre-teen in middle school, I’d fall asleep reading a book and listening to NPR’s classical music program and falling in love with the strings section.

The cello has lulled me to sleep, comforted me when my heart or soul ached, and made me smile with a chipper tune. The cello, for me, is the epitome of a well-rounded instrument.

It can be dark: haunting. It can be light and playful. A single cello can make tears flow and hearts lift depending on the hand that plays it and the arrangement being played. It can also cross genres like a mofo.

Some, but not nearly enough, know who Apocalyptica are and who 2CELLOS are.

Apocalyptica are a product of Norway and play what I call “Metastical” – a blend of Metal and Classical, whereas 2CELLOS have their roots in Croatia and are a mix of Rock and Classical.

Both groups can tear down a stadium ripping out the likes of AC/DC, Edvard Grieg, and Nirvana. They can also leave you sitting in your seat holding a hanky and hoping you don’t have raccoon eyes from tears running through your mascara.

If you haven’t crossed the lines of traditional music fitting neatly into a specific genre, I highly suggest you give these guys a listen.

2CELLOS – Thunderstruck by AC/DC:
2CELLOS – Thunderstruck

2CELLOS – Benedictus:
2CELLOS – Benedictus

Apocalyptica – Hall of the Mountain King
Apocalyptica – Hall of the Mountain King

Apocalytpica – Psalm:
Apocalyptica – Psalm


  1. marisin61

    I definitely had not heard of 2CELLOS before…Apocalyptica, yes, but not these other dudes. I definitely dug the Nirvana cover you sent me…good stuff! Thanks for turning me on to these guys!
    And you’re right, music can take on one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride, which is the great thing about music.

    • T Smithers

      You should also check out Epica. My favorite album is The Classical Conspiracy – specifically “Montagues and Capulets”. It’s a rock version of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet score.

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