BOB (Bright Orange Ball) Makes a Comeback: Hot Hike in Catoctin

Sun Solar Flare

Source: NASA

Let me just start by saying something I’m sure I’ve said before: I hate the heat. With a passion.

Mother Nature is a finicky beast these days. It’s supposed to be Spring. Last I checked, Spring temperatures aren’t supposed to be in the 80’s. Then again, the people in Nebraska did just get snow and the folks in Minnesota will be in sub-zero temperatures this week.

For me, anything over 70-degrees (F) and I start visualizing what life could be like on an ice floe. Summer is the time of year in which I curl up next to my air conditioning unit and sing love songs to it. Tell it that it’s beautiful, and reaffirm just how much I love it so that it continues working throughout these wretched Virginia summers.

On to my sticky, hot, sweaty, disgusting, bug-infested hike.

The Greekanese and I - mid hike

The Greekanese and I – mid hike

Alright, so it really wasn’t that bad, but it was hot, and BOB (aka: the sun) sure did his damndest to make his presence known.  Also, I’m just not a big fan of anything with more than four legs.  Once one crawls on me, I swear I feel them for the next day and a half.  It’s not so much that I can’t deal with it, it’s just the one unfortunate, truly annoying aspect of time spent outdoors that I just never get used to – even after years spent between the pacific northwest and the overly humid south in the gulf.

We trekked about 9 miles, scrambled over a few rock formations, nearly squished a colony of ladybugs, and sweated a good five pounds off.  Check the wicked sweat mark on the front of my tank top!  Kind of proud of it to be honest.

Scrambling along Chimney Rock at Catoctin Mountain National Park

The Greekanese scrambling Chimney Rock

Wolf Rock formation at Catoctin Mountain Park

Kind of obvious why it’s called Wolf Rock

Wolf Rock Formations at Catoctin Mountain

There are more crevices than it looks like – there was even some snow left between them

Thurmont Vista Overlook at Catoctin Mountain National Park

Weird Tree

Gardner Snake

First snake of the season – a little Garter Snake

Next up, Ireland!  I’ll be blogging to some degree while I’m overseas, so check back or sign up for email alerts.



    • T Smithers

      Word, brother! I just need that fancy thing called a ‘job’. Maybe I can become internet famous and not have to ‘work’ a ‘real job’. Hmmmm…

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