Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland (on cell phone): A Giant, a New Friend, Little Islands, and a Stunning Sunset

The wonderful thing about traveling alone is one’s ability to have short chats with the locals and to make new friends.

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make friends when traveling in groups, but there seems to be an easier approach when going solo.

On my walk to the coast, I met this very nice lady and her dog, Rex, who directed me how to get around the Causeway Visitor’s Centre and chit chatted with me for a few minutes on our walk.

Even better was the latter part of my honest-to-God walk along the Causeway Coast (i.e., not my crawling all over Finn MacCool’s stomping grounds) when this very nice dude stopped to chat with me for a bit, and four hours later, we ran all over the coastline 🙂


“Irishman” and I got to chatting the second time we met up on the trail, both headed back, and we quickly realized we were going to be friends.

Those people can be few and far between: you know what I mean?  The kind of person you meet and within minutes know that they were thrown into your path because you’re meant to meet.

Irishman and I grabbed some drinks at the hotel on the Causeway and he offered to take me to the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge after we found ourselves quoting Robert Service (right, Matthew?!).

We did a wee pit stop so I could see the smallest church in Ireland.  So cute!!!

Saint Gobban's - St Gobban's - St Gobban - Church, Northern Ireland, County Antrim

Inside Saint Gobban's - St Gobban - Ship Light - Church - Northern Ireland

Inside Saint Gobban's - Inside St Gobban - Northern Ireland - Church

Back to the rope bridge:  Ya know… the rope bridge is neat, but much smaller than all those online photos make it out to be.  That being said, the view from the island is spectacular!

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge - Northern Ireland

View of the Causeway Coast from Carrick Island, Northern Ireland - Ocean

Got a few shots and rolled off to Ballintoy Harbour for sunset.

Holy.  Mother.  Stunning is a weak word to describe how beautiful it was.

Sunset from Ballintoy Harbor - Harbour - Northern ireland

Waves crashing on the rocks at Ballintoy Harbour - Northern Ireland

Ballintoy Harbour - Northern Ireland

Sunset at over the ocean from Ballintoy Harbour - Northern Ireland

Sunset from Ballintoy Harbour - Northern Ireland

Looks like I’ll have at least one more cellphone post for the Causeway Coast this week, otherwise I may as well have taken out space in a magazine to cover everything.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!



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