Scotland (on cell phone): Silver Sands of Morar and the Old Haunt of Edinburgh

We rolled out mid-morning from the Knoydart Bunkhouse I originally planned on heading off to Stirling the day we returned to Mallaig (April 28), but then I reminded myself I was on vacation and running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off wasn’t on my agenda, so I shot an email off to Fiona #2 who runs the beautiful B&B I stayed at before leaving for Knoydart and booked myself another night at Seaview Guest House.

Leaving Knoydart Peninsula on the Ferry

As it was shaping up to be yet another extraordinarily beautiful day, I settled my things back at the B&B and set out for a three-mile walk down to Morar to enjoy the beach per the recommendation of Ms. Hilary.  On my way down, three of the gents from the hill walk spotted me and gave me a lift; the wonderful darlings!

Holy beautiful, Batman! I arrived while the tide was out… and I mean “out”.  Meters and meters of soft sand to walk along before you got to the water (with the exception of a small inlet where a little boat was anchored).

There were only a few folks out and about, so I walked the sands, stepped in the warm water, threw my pack down in the sand to pull my Kindle out, and spent three peaceful hours reading and soaking in the sun.  It was heaven.

Photos from Morar:

From Mallaig looking at Isle of Eigg and Isle of Rhum

Isle of Eigg and Isle of Rhum in the distance – on the walk to Morar from Mallaig

Morar Scotland - Beach

Tide is out on Morar Scotland

Tide is out on Morar Beach - Scotland

Silver Sands of Morar Scotland - Tide Out

Selfie on Morar Beach - Morar Scotland

Seashell on Morar Beach in Scotland

Low Tide in Morar, Scotland with a view of the Isle of Eigg and Isle of Rhum

Low Tide in Morar, Scotland

High Tide in Morar Scotland - there goes my beach!

The tide is in!

Low Tide in Morar looking back over mainland

Walking back from Morar - High Tide

Low Tide in Morar

These little mounds are left after the tide goes out in Morar


I originally scheduled time in Edinburgh so I could attend Beltane, but after days on the move and a wee bit too much whisky courtesy of the Whisky Distillery and one of the employees who took me out for a few after his shift, I wasn’t much feeling it haha.

My only recommendation for whisky is the Strathisla 12 year from the Speyside region.  Apparently I’m not a Glenfiddich fan.  Also, if you ever find yourself in Edinburgh, check out Cadenhead’s – Scotland’s oldest independent bottler – along the Royal Mile.  Great team and wholly knowledgeable about all things uisge beatha (whisky for the non-Gaelic speakers).

I did snap a few photos around the Royal Mile, saw some beautiful old architecture (that I couldn’t really capture on my cell because the buildings are really close to one another), and had a hell of a walk to the bus station for the airport bus the morning of May 1st.

While the majority of my trip was rain free, the day I left the Gods cried and I found myself trudging about 3 miles uphill from the flat I rented through Airbnb at the bottom of the Royal Mile just across from Hollyrood Palace.  Google Maps had me a bit turned around as did the fact that one would think the bridge above Waverly Station would be Waverly bridge… nope.  That bridge was in fact three more down from the station and on the “high level” of Edinburgh.  Burn!  On the upside: it was a fantastic workout!

Sadly, I boarded the plane in Edinburgh and found myself back in the States.  What I wouldn’t give for another holiday!

Next week (?) I’ll post the photos I took from my honest-to-goodness camera, especially as it seems I won’t be finding myself in nature anytime soon with the insanity that is taking a full course load of college classes while working full time.  Gah!

Sun Shine in Edinburgh, Scotland

Cherry Blossoms at a graveyard in Edinburgh, Scotland

Graveyard - Cemetery - in Edinburgh, Scotland

War Memorial in Edinburgh, Scotland along the Royal Mile

Bagpipe Makers in Edinburgh, Scotland

The architectural mixes of Edinburgh, Scotland

Old and new – Edinburgh, Scotland

A mix of old and new construction in Edinburgh, Scotland

Strathisla Whiskey - Whisky

Whiskey - Whisky Collection - Whiskey Distillery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Whiskey - Whisky Collection

Collectible Scotch Whiskey Bottles

Edinburgh, Scotland - Spooky Edinburgh from Calton Hill


Edinburgh, Scotland

Tree in bloom

Hollyrood Palace from a Cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland

A touret in a cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland

Scottish Cemetery in Edinburgh Scotland with Touret in background

Cemetery just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland

Cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland





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