Scotland: Back to Mallaig, Out to Morar, and a Wrap Up in Edinburgh

Silver Sands of Morar 8 - Clam on the Beach

I began writing this post sometime in early September… wow.

I could spend my time bemoaning the fact that I’ve been bogged down with writing papers for school, work, and of course, being sick.  A special thanks to all the little petri dishes who’ve returned to school in the last month only to turn their parents into hosts.

Don’t worry, I will not turn this into a long post.  For a more robust understanding of this final leg of my journey in Scotland back in April, simply take yourself here.

Pictures of my day spent lazing about the beautiful Silver Sands of Morar after returning from Knoydart, followed by my traipsing about Edinburgh are below – but I’ll leave you with one thing.

Travel.  Just do it.  Excuses of why you can or cannot go need to be swept aside.  Screw ’em.  Go.

Morar Scotland

Inlet and a boat - Morar Scotland

Inlet - Morar Scotland

Feet in the North Atlantic at Morar, Scotland

Silver Sands of Morar 9 - Standing in the ocean and looking at Eigg and Rum

Silver Sands of Morar 10 - Looking Back at Morar

Silver Sands of Morar 12 - Eigg and Rum

Silver Sands of Morar 11 - Algae Rocks

Silver Sands of Morar Scotland

Silver Sands of Morar 6 - Weird Sand Thingies

Canongate Kirk Cemetery

Edinburgh -  Overcast Cemetery

Hollyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh - Rooftops down the royal mile

Edinburgh - Royal Mile - Remembrance Plaque

Stags Head crest - Royal Mile

Edinburgh - Royal Mile - Stonework





King Arthur's Seat - Edinburgh

Saint Patricks Roman Catholic Church - Edinburgh, Scotland

Orbs and spookiness - Caton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland


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