An Unexpectedly Adventurous Weekend

Railroad Crossing

It is a well established fact that I am a procrastinator.  I work really well under pressure (though you wouldn’t know it by the fact I look three shades of bat-shit crazy when it happens) to the point that I get A’s on my assignments; such was the case with my final research paper for English which I started and submitted within six hours on the day it was due.  Needless to say, it was a late night that would soon be followed by me dragging my sorry self out of bed to drive 5 1/2 hours south to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to see “the Swedes” and meet the newest addition to another friend’s brood: Odin [real name].

If you’ve ever found yourself driving down the I-95 corridor here in Virginia, you’ll know that leaving on a weekend morning after 5am will basically equate to you sitting in miles of traffic at some point.

Thankfully, I made it to exotic Camp Lejeune in plenty of time to spend the evening with the Swedes and their two very tall, very strange (I mean that lovingly) children.  The ever wonderful Mrs. Swede went so far as to make this little Celiac gluten free chili and bought a case of Original Sin cider so I could drink along with everyone else.

Later that evening I rolled out and finally got to meet Odin.  He digs me.  I’m pretty sure babies don’t poop on you unless they like you, so the fact that he left me with that parting gift the next morning after smiling at my stories all night pretty much tells me I’m AWESOME!




Sunday was quite possibly the most interesting day I’ve had since I came back from Scotland in May.

Sure, I snapped a couple of neat pics in North Carolina of what I referred to as “how I see the South” [pics are below], but what really made the day was finding a beautiful Beagle-mix walking down the middle of a back road about 45 minutes from home.

I stopped my car, threw on my flashers, and got out to try to get the pup to come to me.  Next thing I know, there are three of us stopped on the road trying to wrangle the little one.  In the end, I somehow came to be the one to be put in charge of the pup.

Beagle Pup

I have nothing against dogs.  I like ’em just fine.  However, I have a cat.  I’ve never owned a dog and was thus ill-equipped to suddenly be in possession of one.

Let me tell you some things I learned from this endeavor:

1. Some people are assholes

2. Dogs should have collars with tags (reference item 1 for insight)

3. The Stafford County Animal Control guys only work Monday through Friday unless someone’s been bitten/mauled on the weekend.  You know…animals only get lost or tossed on weekdays between 0800 & 1730.

4. The SPCA (bless them) are not open at all hours nor on the weekends unless set up by appointment.

5. The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office (non-emergency line) chick that answered the phone was a hooker.  And by that I mean she had the cajones to tell me, “Well, if you can’t keep her then just let her go.”  Seriously!?

6. My parents neighbors are great people.  I drove back to my parents and dropped the sweet girl off with them (they are dog people).

7. Beagles and Beagle-mixes are like the ADHD kids of the canine persuasion.  You would think I would have remembered that given my grandpa used to raise them.

8. Everyone that saw her in the car with me while sitting outside of a gas station with the car running waiting for the SPCA to open thought she was just the sweetest, most adorable pup ever.  She was.

Puppy 1

9. “Dude” as at the SPCA was amazing to work with.  He got it all set up for me to drive out to their place in Stafford County to drop her off (where I hoped, in vain, that she might be micro-chipped).

10. She was not micro-chipped (reference item 1)

11. Three days after I found her, the “family” finally contacted the SPCA… they no longer wanted her.

12. Reference item 1.

The pup, who we now know is named Daisy, is a very healthy 1.5 year old and will be available for adoption soon.

Daisy the Puppy

I hope Daisy finds a real family that will love her and spoil her rotten.

And that, my friends, is how a simple trip to visit friends/family turned into an unexpectedly adventurous weekend.

A home in the South - North Carolina

A shack and a broken down truck in North Carolina - The South



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