I Broke Free from the Confines of My House! (November – Fall Photos)

Hall-frickin-lujah!  I finally managed to escape the confines of my house in early November.  Yes.  It took me a month to write about it: judge all you want.

Fall on the Potomac River

After months of being trapped indoors – with tiny little jaunts thrown in between for walking with Hiking Buddy after work – I finally got back out into the wilderness.  The real one: Not the tree-lined street version.

For those of you not from the States, we here in good ‘ol ‘Merica (when did this become the ‘thing’ to say?) celebrated the 239th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps (10 November), which is particularly close to my heart as my dad served his country and his Corps for 30 years, and Veteran’s Day (11 November).

What better way to celebrate the service of our Veterans than by taking two of my work-favorites with me into the woods?

Sunday – 9 November:

1. Four of us – Ginger-Phil, Hiking Buddy, and Rocket – met up at Bull Run Marina’s parking lot (and holy crap, Hiking Buddy beat me!)

Post-Hike Group Photo - Bull Run Marina State Park

T Smithers, Rocket, Ginger-Phil, and Hiking Buddy

2. We found a lean-to out in the woods on our trek.

T Smithers Posing in a Lean-To - Bull Run Marina State Park - Virginia

2.a. When taking gingers out into the woods, it is imperative not to give them the tools to make fire, otherwise they’ll try.

Ginger-Phil Playing with Fire

3. I haven’t been on a hill or out hiking, let alone in a gym, in close to 5 months.

3.a. Naturally, we decided to walk out to Wolf Run Shoals giving us approximately 5-6 miles total of trekking.

3.b. See point 3.

4.  “Don’t go in there!” – that phrase you hear when you’re looking at that creepy building.

Creepy House in Wolf Shoals - Virginia

4.a. I didn’t go in.

5.  Sometime late last year on my first trip out to Bull Run Marina (closer to Wolf Shoals), we realized the trail we were walking was part of the Washington-Rochambeau Wagon Route.  Nothing quite like knowing you’re walking along a trail that helped shape the country you live in.

Washington Rochambeau Wagon Route

6.  End scene.  Additional Photos:Hiking Selfie - Bull Run Marina State Park


Occoquan Resevoir - Bull Run Marina State Park - Virginia

Creek Running Through Bull Run Marina State Park

Tree Stump with Moss

Twisting Tree Bark Looking Up - Virginia

Big Tree in Wolf Shoals - Virginia

Fungi and Lichen growing on a branch - Virginia

Fire Colored Fall Foliage - Bull Run Marina State Park - Virginia

Fired Colored Fall Foliage - Bull Run Marina State Park - Virginia

Black Fungi taking over a tree - Bull Run Marina State Park

Hiking Buddy Trekking Through the Woods - Bull Run Marina State Park - Virginia

Tree Bark - Wacky - Nature

White Fungi on a Tree - Cotton-like fungi - Virginia

Fungi / Mushrooms on a tree

Fungi Climbing up the Tree

Tuesday – 11 November:

On Veteran’s Day, Jank and I met up with Ginger-Phil at his pad to carpool up to the C&O Canal in Potomac, Maryland (aka: the Maryland side of Great Falls, Virginia)

Group Photo pre-scramble

Pretty simple scene:

1. Introduced Jank and Ginger-Phil to the fun and beautiful location of Maryland’s C&O Canal.

2. Scrambled the Billy Goat A Trail.

3. Ate lunch looking over the river.

4. Found a Yearling.

5. Finished scramble/hike.

6. Ate ice cream.


Potomac River - Olmstead Island

River falls

Potomac River - Great Falls

Covered Bridge - C&O Canal - Maryland

Ginger-Phil and Abbi

Phil Scramble\ Jank

Jank and Ginger-Phil - Discussions

Jank Looking out over the River - Magazine Pose

Potomac River - Looking at Virginia

Potomac River - Fall - Virginia and Maryland

Potomac River

Potomac River runoff


Photo with the Greekanese

Brought the Greekanese out hiking with us even though he’s thousands of miles away

C&O Canal - Bridge across the water

Berries photo

C&O Canal Lock


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