Oh, Winter! How I Love Thee!: A Hike and a Snow Walk

Winter is finally here!!!  Real, honest to goodness snow – the kind that actually stays for more than 3 hours before it melts – finally fell here in Virginia last Tuesday and this past Saturday: I’m as giddy as a fat kid in a candy store!

Snap Shot on the way to Work - Snowy Tree - Edited

For all you winter-haters who just shot glares at your computer screen reading this, to you I say: suck it!  Put on some layers and go enjoy the awesomeness that is snow!

Now that we’ve established my somewhat obsessive love for the season of the white stuff, I’ll get on with last week’s hike/scramble and both Tuesday’s and Saturday’s snow.

Billy Goat A Trail:

For those of you that have read my blog posts (thank you!), you’ve likely noticed my constant expeditions out to Maryland’s C&O Canal at Carderock which is home to the Billy Goat Trails.  It’s partly because it is close, partly because it’s one of the more fun scrambles in the area, but mostly because it has some beautiful scenery.  If you’re in the Maryland/Virginia/D.C. area – give it a go!

The trip consisted of two familiar faces – Hiking Buddy and Ginger Phil – and a new one – Talks-Not-a-Lot.  Talks-Not-a-Lot’s name is derived from the fact that during the course of a normal day, she’s snarky and talkative, but during a hike that woman is SILENT!  Silent to the point that you wonder if she’s plotting your demise or that of the world’s.

I won’t be long winded so I’ll just post the highlights:

1. Ginger Phil was late.

2. Talks-Not-a-Lot needs organization within her wicked-sweet vehicle.

3. Early morning (before everyone’s rug rats are ready to act the role of miniature terrorists) is the best time to get out to the Billy Goat Trails.

4. Talks-Not-a-Lot is petrified of snakes, muahahaha!

5. Frozen stuff is pretty.


Potomac River Run Off - C and O Canal - Carderock - Maryland

Potomac River Running

Frozen Potomac Split - Billy Goat Trail - Maryland

Frozen Spot along Billy Goat Trail - Maryland

Fat Fallen Multi-colored Branch

Fungi on a Fallen Tree - Billy Goat Trail

Fungi and Moss - Fallen Tree - Billy Goat Trail - Hike

Moss Grows Fat on a Rolling Stone


Potomac River 2 - Green

Ginger Phil - Eager Beaver Tree Chomper - Billy Goat A Trail

Hiking Buddy Pose

Snarky Faces - Billy Goat Trail Lunch

Group Bridge Crossing - Billy Goat Trail

Ginger Phil Pose

Potomac River at Olmstead Island

What Happens When Talks Not a Lot Hits Hiking Buddy in the Cajones

Snow Days!:

I’ll spare you my overzealous, hyper-up, crazy winter-loving excitement and just post the photos from Tuesday and Saturday!

American Coot Prints in Snow and Ice - Harbor - Belmont Bay

American Coots on Ice - Belmont Bay - Virginia - Frozen Harbor - America


Belmont Bay - Frozen Harbor - Virginia - Boats - Gazebo

Boats in Harbor - Belmont Bay - Winter - Frozen Harbor - Ice


Frozen Boat in Harbor - Woodbridge - Belmont Bay - Virginia - Winter - Ice

Frozen Harbor - Woodbridge - Belmont Bay - Virginia - Winter - Ice - Boats

Frozen Harbor at Belmont Bay - American Coots Walking on Ice - Virginia - Winter

Happy Snow Selfie

Iced in Harbor - Boat - American Coots - Ice - Winter - Virginia

Neighborhood Snow - Clean Up - Belmont Bay - Winter 2015

Reflection Selfie on the Golf Course Trek - Walking - Snow Walk - Virginia

Ships in Frozen Harbor


Snow Tree - Belmont Bay Virginia - Winter

Street View - Winter - Belmont Bay - Neighborhood - Snow

Bridge at Osprey Golf Course

Copse of Trees - Belmont Bay Golf Course

Flag at a Golf Hole - Osprey Golf Course - Belmont Bay - Virginia - Winter

Golf Cart Crossing Sign - Winter - Osprey Golf Course - Snow

Snow Fall - Belmont Bay - Virginia - Winter

Sunrise at Belmont Bay


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