California: A High Tea, a Flower Market and a Wedding

I left Southern California 10 years ago, and with the exception of returning for my grandparents’ funerals in 2008, I hadn’t been back since.

All that changed the last week of March when I hopped a bird and flew off to good ‘ol Los Angeles for Asian Jenny’s wedding.

Red Anemone Photo

Yes.  I call her Asian Jenny and I’m sometimes referred to as White Tina.  We are some of the least PC people you will ever meet.

Asian Jenny and I have known one another since 2003 when the majority of our friends (and my family) were deployed in the first round of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Little did I know after meeting her on a shared apartment landing that we would become friends who would go through 12 years of car accidents, broken hearts (some of them were ass hats), deployments, a new human, and many a midnight phone call bitch-session.

We’ve lived vicariously through one another in some way shape or form – especially Asian Jenny’s obsession with British culture after a visit to England in 2011 – since the day I packed up my few belongings in the back of a Marine friend’s pickup truck and headed for Virginia.  Ten years and thousands of miles later, I finally got to return to Cali for what turned out to be a very beautiful, fun, and somewhat adventurous wedding!

Of the traits I know and love of Asian Jenny, her being a fellow procrastinator and her ability to just ride the wave, are two of my favorites.  Her wave-riding abilities over the last week were reminiscent of Shane Dorian’s beauty and grace while paddling out into the wild blue ocean and taking waves the size of buildings.

After an awesome bridal shower fashioned after a British High Tea hosted by her matron of honor (and a short nap on my part because I’m apparently old), I found that 3/4’s of the final details for the wedding hadn’t been completed so we found ourselves running all over the IE and OC the rest of the week with stops at/for craft stores, coffee, clothing stores, coffee, restaurants, coffee, meetings with the parents, coffee, airport runs, coffee, and a plethora of other places to start knocking items off the “must do” list.  Of all the places we stopped, I have to say, I absolutely adored The Original Los Angeles Flower Market!

Bridal Shower and LA Flower Market Photos:

British High Tea Bridal Party with Fascinators and Funky Hats

Photo of Asian Jenny and I rocking our High Tea outfits and hats! Photo by Becky Tsai

High Tea and the Cupid Shuffle

Watching a video in an attempt to learn the Cupid Shuffle. Photo by Becky Tsai

Los Angeles Flower Market Selfie

Plum Tree Flowering in the Yard

Red Anemone Flower Photo at the Original Los Angeles Flower Market


White and Purple Anemone Flower at the Los Angeles Flower Market

Gerbera Daisy dark red

Yellow and Purple Orchid

Ninja Faced Orchid - yellow and red orchid

Star shaped purple and white orchid

After all the last minute work, we finally got down to the nitty gritty day-of details.  Let’s just say, wedding’s take a lot of work and there is a LOT that takes place behind the scene.  This girl right here will not have a traditional wedding if the day comes that someone is crazy enough to want to spend the rest of their lives with me: I’d be more than happy to exchange vows on a mountain top in a foreign country with only family in attendance and a pub nearby.

That being said – I did have a wonderful time celebrating the marriage of Asian Jenny and Asian Jenny’s White Husband (yeah, I went there).  I wish them a life of joy and adventure 🙂

Husband and Wife

Joey and I

Wedding Cake with Bride, Groom and Child topper - cake topper

Oh, and two shots flying into and out of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, just because…:

Flying into Sky Harbor Airport - Phoenix Arizona

Flying out of Sky Harbor Airport - Phoenix Arizona


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