A Return to Great Falls


I know, I know. Super dramatic title, right?  Can’t you just feel the drama?  Is it humming through your veins; like that insanely suspenseful build up to a book’s climax that leaves you sitting on edge?

Yeah… I didn’t think so.  Chalk this lackluster header up to a lack of sleep and the fact that I’m fighting off the inner old lady that’s telling me I should be in bed at 9pm on a frickin Friday.  Just hang in there for a hot minute as I promise not to be too wordy.

Let us begin, shall we?

Friday was one of those days at work when you look around and realize that most every other sane person took the day off because of the upcoming holiday: Memorial Day.  It’s a good thing Hiking Buddy and I decided that Friday was the perfect day to do our “team building” day.  That’s right.  Team building.  This can be translated to mean any of the following…

1. Slack day
2. Escape from the office day
3. Working together to find awesomeness outside of the confines of the office day
4. “Eff you, office!” Day
5. Anything that gets us out of the office day
6. Working without working day

My preference is #4.

Anywho, we lucked out on a glorious day!  The park wasn’t packed, there was a lovely breeze, blue skies with few clouds, and a flowing river. Only a few Jake’s (aka: snakes) and lizzards made their appearance; thankfully, none of which were on the rocks we scrambled. All in all, a perfect day out!


Hiking Buddy and I

Smoothed River Rock - Carved - Smooth - River Carving - Carved - Rock - Stone - Virginia

River rock smoothed and carved over the ages


Potomac River - McLean - Great Falls - Virginia - Looking at Maryland - River

Potomac River - Virginia - Great Falls National Park - National Park - River

Potomac River - Osprey Pack - Girl - Adventure - Hike - Hiking - Virginia  - Cliff - Edge - Ledge

Crawling into a nature-made seat on the edge of a 100+ foot cliff



Potomac River - Nature - Natures Lines - Virginia

Potomac River - River - Virginia - Great Falls National Park - Great Falls - Hike - Hiking

Kayak - Kayakers - Adventure - Potomac River - River - Virginia - Outdoors - Woods - Park

Climbers - Rappelling - Rappellers - Great Falls National Park - Great Falls - Virginia - Adventure - Outdoors - Nature


Ecosystem at Great Falls National Park


If I fits I sits - Matildaville, Great Falls, McLean, Virginia - Ruins - Chimney - Hiker - Hiking

Sitting in the remnants of a chimney in old Matildaville

Snake - Jake the Snake - Black Snake


Dedication:  As most of us American’s know: this weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  A day we’ve set aside to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.  This post, because it is filled with the beauty of the world around, is dedicated in memory of Sgt Michael Joe Yarbrough and the men who crossed into Valhalla with him that day.


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