Fantastic Scramble: I HATE Summer

Technically it’s not yet summer.  It is, according to the universe and its calendar, still spring.  You could have fooled me.
Olmstead Island, Great Falls, C&O Canal, Carderock, Maryland, River, Falls, Summer, Spring 2015

Yesterday it was 90-degrees.  90.  As in, ninety.  As in, freakin’ 90!!!!  I’m sorry, but when did the world in all its glory decide that we should just skip right over spring and hit summer?  Spring is supposed to be full of wee little lambies frolicking on green hills, baby fawns learning to walk, newborn ducklings following their moms in haphazard lines, pretty flowers blooming, and those happy in-between cool and warm temperatures.  But, no.  It’s a falsehood.

Well… to those calendar-makers and those “they” (you know, the great magical, mysterious “they” that make all the world decisions?) decision makers; I hate you all.  My inner-child dies a little more each season when the childish belief that I will have more than a week or two of “spring-like” temperatures and perfection is crushed like an unwanted insect inside someone’s home.  Just… pftttttttttt!

Let’s change the calendars to reflect summer starting at the end of May instead of mid-to-late June, just to help alleviate that false sense of hope and joy I feel when the calendar and the world around me screams “spring!”

Now that my tangent is over, here are some photos from my trip up to Billy Goat Trail in Maryland.  Ginger Phil and I introduced two of our friends, Turkey Call and His Love, to the fun to be had going off trail and climbing up boulders and rock formations along the river.
C&O Canal, Potomac Maryland, Great Falls, Canal Walk, Maryland, Summer Spring

Olmstead Island, Maryland - Falls - River - Potomac - Potomac River - Hike

Skink - Broad-Headed Skink - Lizard - Maryland

A Broad-Headed Skink

boulder - climbing boulders - boulder climbers - climb like girls - billy goat trail - off the trail

Just climbing a boulder, you know.

Scramble - Rock Scramble - Hike - Hiking - Adventure - Outdoors - Maryland - Adventure Maryland - Scrambling - Billy Goat Trail

His Love, Ginger Phil, and Turkey Call heading back up from the river

Kayak, Kayaking, Kayakers, Potomac River, Maryland, Looking at Virginia, Outdoor Recreation

Kayakers heading up river

Potomac River - Looking at Virginia - Maryland - Border - Natural Border - Boundary - River - Hike - Climb Kayak

Looking at Virginia from Maryland

Potomac River, Maryland, Raft, Rafting, Zodiac, Hike, Adventure Maryland, Trees, Forest

Lookout - looking out - river watch - potomac river - hiking crew - hike - hiking - scramble , scrambling

His Love, Turkey Call, and Ginger Phil looking out over the Potomac River

Outdoors - Outdoor Maryland - Potomac River - Profile Picture - Outdoor Picture - Magazine Cover Shot - Candid Photo

Ginger Phil’s Glamour Shot on the Potomac River

zodiac, zodiacs, river, up river, potomac, potomac maryland, maryland, river adventures, hike, hiking, outdoors

Zodiacs coming up river

A little secluded spot along the river


It’s so damn bright and hot out! Give me back my winter!

climb, hike, hiking, outdoors, scramble, scrambling, maryland, adventure, love the outdoors, outdoors maryland, billy goat trail

His Love owning the rocks!

frog - toad - ribbit - amphibian - maryland amphibian - maryland outdoors - outdoors - billy goat trail

scramble, scrambling, river, billy goat trail, maryland, outdoors

kayak - kayakers - kayaking - potomac river - outdoor recreation - billy goat trail - go kayak - adventure maryland

scramble - climb - hike - hiking - adventure - scrambling - maryland - billy goat trail - outdoor recreation - outdoor rec

Just a bit of a ways down!

Potomac River, outdoors, maryland, billy goat trail, c&o canal, forest, outside, hike, hiking

Great Falls, Great Falls Maryland, Maryland, Potomac River, Falls, Rapids, Visit Maryland, HIke, Climb, Scramble


After climbing up and down, up and down, and up… I finally started feeling the overwhelming effects of the heat. It reached 80+℉ by 10am and I was smoked! I’m fairly certain had I not been well hydrated and wearing proper clothing that I would have become that person. You know the one. The one that winds up making a scene out in the wilderness because they were the heat casualty. No bueno. Remember folks: hydrate or die.


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