Humid Walk: Prince William Forest Park

Prince William Forest Park, Suspension, Suspension Bridge, Bridge, Forest, Woods, Virginia

Suspension Bridge in Prince William Forest – this photo was shared by VisitVirginia on Instagram!  Thanks, #loveva!

My poetic tribute to humidity:

Oh, humidity, how I hate you.  I have not missed you.  I despise you.  Oh, humidity. I promise, I’ll spare you from a tangent on my hatred of excess moisture in the air, and instead regale you with a short post with some pretty pictures from Prince William Forest Park last Saturday:

Jank invited me out for a walk through the park as she’s on her summer break from Law School, and the day just so happened to coincide with The Greekanese’s visit to Virginia!  Unfortunately, what we hoped would be a long jaunt into the woods wound up turning into a short one instead.  Mother Nature was not feeling the need to give us beautiful weather.  She instead gave us 90-something degree temps with 85% humidity and swarms of evil blood suckers (aka: mosquitoes).  Thankfully, the company and some of the photos made the layers of sweat (sexy, right?) worth it.

We found a really neat suspension bridge spanning a creek and a slew of different fungi!  I have no idea what half of these fungi are called – outside of the obvious “mushroom” (oh, my snarky friends, you think I don’t know how your response would go?  Pft!) – and would love some help identifying them if someone has an eye for the fungi.

Hope you guys enjoy the photos; feel free to share the post or leave some love!

Osprey Pack, Manta, Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Prince William Forest Park, Park, Woods, Forest

Suspension Bridge, Bridge, Prince William Forest Park, Virginia, Woods, Forest, Northern Virginia, Hike, Walk, Wander

Mushroom, Fungi, Fungus, Orange Mushroom, Forage, Woods, Forest, Forest Floor, Look Down, Prince William Forest Park, Virginia

Spotted Leaf, Leaves, Twin Leaves, Rocks, Stone, Virginia

Mushroom, Fungus, Fungi, Forage, Forest Floor, Woods, Prince William Forest Park, Virginia

Forest Floor, Stones, Hike, Walk, Mushrooms, Mushroom, Fungi, Fungus, Forage, Orange, Orange Mushrooms, Stone, Virginia

Water on Leaves, Rain, Rain on Leaves, Green Leaves, Summer, Virginia

White Mushroom, Mushroom, Mushrooms, Forest, Forest Floor, Woods, Forage, Summer, Virginia, Prince William Forest Park, Lichen, Leaves

Golden Mushroom, Orange Mushroom, Mushroom, Shrooms, Mushrooms, Forest, Forage, Woods, Forest Floor, Virginia, Prince William Forest Park

Pretty Mushroom, Flower-like Mushroom, Mushrooms, Mushroom, Fungus, Fungi, Forest Floor, Forest, Woods, Deadfall, Virginia, Prince William Forest Park

That’s not a flower! A pretty mushroom amidst some ugly mushrooms.

Pink Flowers, Flowers, Pretty Flowers, Virginia




Mosquito attack!

Suspension Bridge, Prince William Forest Park, Virginia


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