September: A Change of Season in Line with a Change in Life

Moving to WA

By the time the Autumnal Equinox (aka: Autumn/Fall) begins on 23 September this year, I will be well on my way to Washington State!

Last Spring, while sitting on the side of Luinne Bheinn in Western Scotland, I finally had that life changing “ah-ha” moment.   Mom refers to it as that point in life where the “light switches” suddenly all flip on and everything suddenly becomes clear. In addition to that “ah-ha” moment, it was very kindly pointed out to me by a lovely Scotswoman in her early retirement years (while sitting outside The Old Forge pub in Inverie) that I was too young to hate my job and dislike what I was doing: that, perhaps, I should change that.

The staggering realization that I had been sitting in neutral – just trucking along with life – instead of doing something was a bit like taking a hit to the gut.  How had I allowed myself to just go along with life – not pushing for something, trying something, doing something, or risking something?  Why did I allow myself to stay somewhere that I hated?  Why wasn’t I where I wanted to be?  WHY?

I don’t know that I’ll ever truly understand the why of the matter, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that I will not continue down that path.

It’s time I take the risks (case in point: I don’t have a job lined up yet).  It’s time to reach for what I want.  It’s time for this Pisces to swim against the current.

Recommended hiking spots along the way are greatly appreciated!


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