Colorado: Two Hikes and a Setback

Dirt Road off the forestry road to White River National Forest - Vail Colorado - Painting - photo looks like a painting - nature - landscape

Colorado is beautiful, amazing, fantastic, gorgeous, and amazeballs (to steal the young people’s terminology).

As amazing as Colorado was, I wound up succumbing to the sickness passed on by my friend’s small human after a day in Littleton.  Ah, well!  Such is life!  However, as most of you know, I’m a firm believer in the Universe pushing and pulling strings for reasons only it knows.  In this particular case, I can only assume Universe was saying that the Rosey Family and I needed more bonding time together – not exactly the worst thing in the world 😉

The only real downside(s) to getting sick was the fact that it knocked 4-5 days out of my hiking and camping travels, and it left a lingering crud in my chest that seriously affected my stamina and breathing (this will become evident in my Wyoming post in a week or two).

Enough about that and into the two hikes I did get in while visiting lovely CO:

  1. First real day in Colorado = Hiking Deer Creek Canyon Park!  Special shout out to Z for her recommendation!

Deer Creek Canyon can be anywhere from a short 2-3 mile hike or up to 12-15 mile hike, if creative and hell-bent.  I did about 8 or 9 miles according to my calculations – I suck at math, by the way – and had an elevation gain of 1,300+ at the highest with a few drops and pickups along the other routes.  If you’re curious, I did: Plymouth Creek to Plymouth Mountain to Scenic View to Homesteader to Golden Eagle and back down Plymouth Creek.  It gives some pretty decent views of the Littleton and Red Rocks area with Denver far out in the distance.  Solid hike for a local area!

Deer Creek Canyon Park - Littleton Colorado - Visit Colorado - Hike - Hiking - View

Deer Creek Canyon Park - Littleton Colorado - Visit Colorado - Hike - Hiking - View, Mountains - Quarry

Deer Creek Canyon Park - Littleton Colorado - Visit Colorado - Hike - Hiking - View

Me - Girl - Deer Creek Canyon 42. Second Hiking Day:  Vail Colorado and my Quest for Fall!  White River National Forest (Piney River Falls area)

After finally recouping enough to feel able to get on the road and with some massive plan changing as I was headed to Moab, Utah – I decided to stick with Hwy I-70, thus my choice to stop off in Vail.  I was Googling the begeezus out of places to hike in the area when I stumbled across a recommendation for Piney River Falls.  Little did I know what kind of off-road adventure I was in for in my Ford Fusion thanks to a wee hidden sign and a bend in the road I didn’t see.  Suffice it to say: I LOVE forestry roads and “getting lost” on mountains; after all, you’re never really lost if you can turn back around, so pft!

There is no need for a 4×4 or AWD vehicle, though I’m betting it makes it quite a bit easier to haul balls – just know you CAN do the “proper”/not-so-wrong-turn drive in a regular car, just use your good sense in navigating and knowing there will be some big rocks and potholes.  The “wrong turn” drive is a blast if you have the good sense to know your vehicle’s capabilities as well as your own.  When I finally hit a point that I said “no more”, I was afforded with a beautiful meadow and views of mountains before eventually finding my way back to the proper turn.  Even the proper turn was a stunner!

I did just a few miles altogether between adventuring and hiking through park of White River National Forest/Piney River/Eagles Nest Wilderness.  The trees were beautiful, but the day had gotten away from me and I needed to put some miles on the road if I was going to make Moab at a decent hour the next day!

Aspen Trees in Vail Colorado - Fall - Autumn - Gold Leaves - Golden - Yellow - Hike - Hiking - Drive - Road Trip

Aspen Trees in Vail Colorado - Fall - Autumn - Gold Leaves - Golden - Yellow - Hike - Hiking - Drive - Road Trip - White River National Forest

Tall Grass off the Forestry Road - Vail Colorado

White River National Forest
White River National Forest - Trail through the trees

Mountain Range - Vail Colorado from White River National Forest

White River National Forest - Mountains from the Forestry Road

Up next – well, if you’d bothered reading all the blather up top, you’d know it will be Moab!



  1. Anabel Marsh

    Saving this! We hope to visit Colorado next year. Stayed in Moab a few years ago, so look forward to reading about that. Can’t remember if it was 2 nights or 3 – whatever, we felt it wasn’t enough. Terrific pictures, all of them.

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