Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

While everyone was taking the chance to #optoutside – something I do every Black Friday due to my extreme dislike of large crowds of insane people – I decided to check out a local Wildlife Refuge just down the road from my place.


It’s a pretty little piece of the world if you’re looking for a calm place to walk around, view some birds, harbor seals, sea otters, minks, and other various animal/mammal species.  It also boasts a 1-mile long boardwalk that is in place  to help protect the Nisqually River Delta (the meeting of the Nisqually and Puget Sound).

I would recommend a visit to families and those of us who want to stretch our legs.  It’s far from strenuous, but it is beautiful.  This would be an especially great place for someone with a photography hobby!




    • T Smithers

      Yeah! It’s pretty neat 🙂 There are a couple of other parks I’m going to head out to in the area as well. Waiting for some of the rain and high winds to die down so I can get in a decent hike around Rainier.

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