A Drive Through Rainier National Park and a Quick 5-Miler at Point Defiance

Valley to Rainier

Unfortunately, the universe is aligned against dogs in National Parks so we didn’t get a hike or snowshoe adventure up at Paradise in Rainier National Park, but we did get some beautiful photos after an early start on a cloudless, sunny, glorious day!

Rainier Through the Trees

Rainier Framed

Cascade Range - Rainier Day

Peak in the Cascades

River and Ice- Rainier

Tree Lined Road - Meh

Winter Sun over the Cascade Mountain Range

Cascade Range - Heading Back Down

Rainier Through the Trees 2

Trees in Rainier

After the little adventure drive around the park, we hopped off to Point Defiance State Park, where my phone promptly died after a few photos, for a little 5-miler with Lisa From HR (yes, that’s the pup’s name!)

Trees at Point Defiance State Park - Washington

Sunday?  Hurricane Ridge for yet another amazing weather-day in Washington state!



    • T Smithers

      It’s an absolute must do! I will, however caution you if you’re afraid of ledges whilst driving… there are many areas without guardrails and steep drops. Winter is perfect because you get a snow barrier lol

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