Catching Up: Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Sunshine Over the Olympics

So, this was a very unintentional nearly 3-month hiatus, but alas, the human body does what it wants…

Just after the little adventure I’ll be posting about here in a minute, I started a new job (yay!), wound up in the emergency room (boo!), was out of work for a week (yikes!), went back to work, followed up with a doc, got scheduled for surgery, and found myself getting sliced open 12 days ago (oy!).

It looks like this Spring will not see me on hardcore mountains, but back starting out at beginner level again.  Ah, well.  There are far worse things than a month of recovery.

On to happier and prettier things than me spending a few days hopped up on narcotics, I give you: the Olympic Mountain Range from Hurricane Ridge on a FREAKING cold winter’s day!Olympic Range and Girl

Hurricane Ridge TrailOlympic Range from Hurrican RidgeOlympics and Twin TreesSunshine Over the Olympics - Trees - Mountains - SnowSunshine Through the Trees - Hurricane Ridge - 2Sunshine Through the Trees - Hurricane RidgeT Smithers with LisaThe Olympic Range from Hurricane RidgeThe Olympics from Hurricane RidgeSnow Laden Trees - Olympics - Hurricane Ridge

Fresh Snow in DuPont

Not the Ridge, but my buddy’s backyard 🙂



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