Scotland: A New Journey

IMG_20160827_142132 - Copy

Adios, America!

I left the States on the 21st of August and am getting my feet under me here in bonny Scotland.  For the next four years – pending any other life changes – I will be living in Dundee and going to school.  Yup!  I’m a student once more.  Not only am I a student, I’m a “mature student” (read: old) lol.

I’m looking forward to this adventure, and am even more excited about it given I’ll be making many adventures around the British Isles with The Gent.  Yup, I apparently had to move 4,000 miles to meet a boy that gets me all mushy and puts a stupid shit-grin on my face – but I’m not complaining 🙂

IMG_20160826_120305 - Copy

Anywho, given that whole feet-finding aspect, my latest adventures have mostly been in trying to decipher what a good deal is on sundry items (that whole USD to GBP math), what stores should be visited and which should be avoided, and where to get good food as a celiac (er… coeliac).  Oh, and I’ve been a complete and total tourist in my new city!

I’ve visited: Dundee Law (a good little urban hike!), HMS Frigate Unicorn, RRS Discovery, found some of the Oor Wullie’s on the Bucket Trail, The Howff, Broughty Ferry Castle, and Broughty Ferry (the town).  Tons of fun, though I am admittedly looking forward to my first trip in the the Cairngorms!

Some pictures of my touristy adventurism!

IMG_20160827_160931 - Copy

The view from my window!

IMG_20160826_120658 - Copy

HMS Frigate Unicorn (in service from 1824-1967)

IMG_20160826_131756 - Copy

Broughty Ferry Castle

IMG_20160826_115344 - Copy

IMG_20160826_115455 - Copy

Looking up the River Tay toward Dundee (right) and Tayport (left)

IMG_20160826_115545 - Copy

The Howff - Gravestone - Dundee, Scotland

One of many tombstones at The Howff with a more… dramatic, carving

IMG_20160826_120134 - Copy



The Gent and the Oor Wullie soldier


Yours truly with Oor Wulliam Wallace


View of Dundee and the Tay Road Bridge and Tay Rail Bridge from Dundee Law



  1. Anabel Marsh

    Congratulations – I hope you enjoy living in Bonnie Dundee. We saw some of the Oor Wullies when they visited Glasgow – I used to read the comic strip every week when I was a child, so I loved them.

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