How my blog got its name:

We all have nicknames or references to one another in our family, much as I imagine everyone does.  I went from Christina, to Tina, to T in the span of 6 years.  I’m also referred to as Sister, Roo, and Shortround (not the little Asian kid from Indiana Jones, but an ordnance round that blows up in your face – I’m still not sure how I feel about that one since I swear I’m not quick to lose my temper).  Smithers came courtesy of Hiking Buddy not too long ago.

I also started hiking again and make it a point to get out at least once a week (usually on weekends). Adventure in the outdoors a bit, if you will.

I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure out how those got put together for the name (at least, I hope).

Why I started this blog:

In response to my brother’s new blog, Smitty Sayeth, and his somewhat hypocritical post about how much he dislikes bloggers, I decided to do what all good little sisters do: I started a blog.  I love my brother, so don’t read into this as being anything more than what started as a snarky loving sisterly moment, into an actual miniature obsession of mine.

Once upon a time, I tried doing a food blog.  It bored me to tears and left me with zero desire to continue after only 7 entries.  In starting this blog, I quickly decided the ‘one topic’ blog isn’t so much my forte so have decided a bit more of an eclectic vibe would better suit my purposes in filling cyber space with more crap.

And other stuff:

I suppose you can consider this a mix of photography and adventure.  The blog has also been a forcing function to keep me outdoors and figuring out how to use the new camera my parents got me for Christmas.

Somewhere in rediscovering my love for all things nature (not so much tree-hugger; more, the beauty of it), I’ve discovered my new love for capturing it in photograph.



  1. meticulousmick

    What the hell is a ‘Hoser’. Thank you so much T for the follow on my humble wee blog, it is really appreciated. Welcome aboard. If you have any requests or suggestions just drop me a line. It looks like you live in a wonderful part of the world. MM 🍀

    • T Smithers

      Thank you MM! As an American, we tend to mock our northern neighbors with the word “hoser”. It started in Canada thanks to some comedians. Probably derived from “hose bag” and is used as just about any other derogatory term you can flush out of the English language. You have a beautiful blog and I look forward to seeing more!

    • T Smithers

      Yes! I’m incredibly excited! I’ve only been to Dublin (2011), so I’m looking forward to exploring what Ireland, N. Ireland, and Scotland have to offer. I have big plans for seeing as much as I can over the course of 16 days.

      • meticulousmick

        16 days – my you are squeezing it in. I love Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands – got married up there! Then there is the west of Ireland, the giant’s causeway of the north and of course Cork.🍀

      • T Smithers

        Aw! How long have you been married?

        I’ll be doing the Cliffs of Moher (Doolin – maybe get to hit one or two of the Arran Islands), Bushmills (Causeway, Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, Rathlin Island), Armagh (fly fishing), Belfast for a day, ferry to Scotland, up to Mallaig for 4 days on Knoydart hiking munros, then a a random day I’m trying to decide how I want to fill, and off to Edinburgh for my last two days (which happens to coincide with Beltane). I’m definitely attempting to fit a lot into a few days.

      • meticulousmick

        If you go to the Arran Islands rent a bike – best way to see the place. Loved Bushmills and Mallaig (we stayed at Arisaig near there which was wonderful). Never been to the wilderness of Knoydart but I am sure you will have a great time there. Scottish scenery is just fantastic IMHO. Now married 4 years (almost). Love to see your pics from here. MM 😃

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