Bucket List

Whether it’s written down in a tattered old journal, scribbled across a ratty old napkin, typed up in a favorite font and posted on a wall, pinned on Pinterest, or constantly evolving in the confines of your brain; we all have a bucket list.  The only difference being what type of bucket list you have.

Some people plan out their lives, of sorts, by setting blocks like “Attend Harvard Law School and defend a Supreme Court case”.  Others list activities like sky-diving or swimming with sharks.  And still some others, like me, list adventures and locales.

The only difference where my list is concerned is that my Will – yes, Will – includes a directive/request that when I kick the proverbial bucket, I am to be cremated and my ashes poured into multiple viles which are to be taken and spread in all the places I didn’t make it to or that I loved most because I want them to experience where my heart felt full, my universe felt aligned, or the sight brought me pure joy.

Do I expect my brother and sister-in-law to dash off to foreign and exotic locales right off the bat?  No.  I look at this more as a forcing function to get people moving: to send them on an adventure when the time is “right” for them.  If it takes them 10 years (and honestly, who wants to hold on to my ashes for that long?) to complete the places I’ve listed for them or ones they’ve decided suit their desires, then so be it.

I hope to check off all of these places while I’m still here to enjoy them, but if I’m not, then I only hope others find a sense of peace in my passing (especially if I’m not above the age of 80 when I clock out) while celebrating my life by doing something I loved.

Without further ado, a very short version of my constantly evolving Bucket List:

1. Go horseback riding in every country I visit

2. Kayak in every Scandinavian Fjord

3. Adventure through Scandinavia: go dog-sledding, hangout with reindeer, stay at an ice hotel, and hike/climb some majestic locales

4. Travel through New Zealand

5. Visit every island in the United Kingdom and Ireland

6. Learn how to make peat logs in Scotland

7. Crush grapes for wine in Italy and/or Spain

8. Take a boat out to the islands in Greece

9. Visit all the pillars of ancient Greece

10. Really take in the Italian countryside, mountains, and the wicked cool underground that exists

11. Visit each province in Canada, but especially go hiking up at Lake Louise and walk on the clear ice of Abraham Lake

12. Fly fish in at least 10 countries: I don’t care where they are



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