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Washington State: Western vs. Eastern

Here’s something interesting for you: many people think the Pacific Northwest is only the territory from western Oregon up through western Vancouver, British Columbia.  It’s not.  The Pacific Northwest, AKA: PNW, covers Washington, Oregon, B.C., Idaho, and parts of Montana and California and Alaska.


Western Washington – pretty green with lots of trees


Eastern Washington – kind of like Kansas




Fantastic Scramble: I HATE Summer

Technically it’s not yet summer.  It is, according to the universe and its calendar, still spring.  You could have fooled me.
Olmstead Island, Great Falls, C&O Canal, Carderock, Maryland, River, Falls, Summer, Spring 2015

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Rustic Cabin: No Electricity, No Running Water, and T Smithers Makes Fire!

Wineberry Cabin - PATC - Appalachian Trail, Virginia

Wineberry Cabin

If you were to ask my mother what her version of “camping” or “roughing it” is, she’d tell you it’s renting a room at the Holiday Inn (American ones aren’t necessarily as nice as European ones). I, on the other hand, would tell you it’s being out amongst nature or staying in a rustic or “primitive” cabin in the middle of winter.
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Spring Sprang While I Was Away (Short Entry)

It appears spring sprang in the mid-Atlantic while I was away traipsing about foreign lands.  Odd, given it snowed the night before I left.

Lilac bush at ferry farm, virginia

Lilacs at Ferry Farm, Virginia

You can find this beautiful, incredibly fragrant, dark purple lilac bush at George Washington’s boyhood home, Ferry Farm, in Virginia.

Great Falls Hike (Mud, Heights, Weird Animal Likenesses in the Trees, and More!)

From the first overlook at Great Falls Park

From the first overlook at Great Falls Park

Finally!  After nine years -gag me with a spoon: cannot believe I’ve been in VA that long- I made it out to Great Falls Park for a hike/scramble/walk.  I’ve had people telling me it was beautiful, awesome, magnificent, etc.  I’m so glad they weren’t full of crap! Continue reading