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BOB (Bright Orange Ball) Makes a Comeback: Hot Hike in Catoctin

Sun Solar Flare

Source: NASA

Let me just start by saying something I’m sure I’ve said before: I hate the heat. With a passion. Continue reading


A Saturday Hike and a Sunday Scramble with Some Philanthrophy (Updated)


With The Greekanese out west for a couple weeks and Hiking Buddy catching up on school work, I thought for sure I’d be relegated to hiking alone. Continue reading

The Joy in Trail Names: A Hike Through Cunningham Falls State Park

In general, one can pretty much assume what kind of hike/climb/trek they’re going to have when they read the name of the trail they’ll be venturing along – at least within the States.  In this case, we chose Old Misery Trail.  Mmhm.Old Misery Trail at Cunningham Falls State Park - Maryland Continue reading

An Introduction and a Slap in the Face from Mother Nature

Well hello there!

I know, wasn’t that just a mind-blowing ‘welcome to my blog’?  If I were able to serve you tea and cakes and have a little sit down with you, I would.  Although, some of you might be creepers and I’m somewhat adverse to the idea of opening my door one day to a box of photos of me with my eyes burned out.  Just thought I’d throw that out there in case someone was thinking it sounded like a good idea.  It’s not.  Please don’t.

So I’ve recently rejoined the outdoors universe.  Continue reading