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Humid Walk: Prince William Forest Park

Prince William Forest Park, Suspension, Suspension Bridge, Bridge, Forest, Woods, Virginia

Suspension Bridge in Prince William Forest – this photo was shared by VisitVirginia on Instagram!  Thanks, #loveva!

My poetic tribute to humidity:

Oh, humidity, how I hate you.  I have not missed you.  I despise you.  Oh, humidity. Continue reading


Angry Muscles, Three States in One Day, Brews, and More White Stuff

Sun reflecting off a creek in the forest of Bull Run Marina State Park, Virginia

Somehow I convinced myself that 45 minutes on the bike shouldn’t affect my morning hike on Saturday. I was very, very wrong. Continue reading

Weather Forecasts Suck: Hike Through Bull Run Mountains

Ullr - Norse God of Skiing, archery, hunting, etc., etc.

Ullr – Norse God of Skiing, archery, hunting, etc., etc.

I was originally hoping to title this, “Snow Hike Through Bull Run Mountains”, but alas, the snow that we were promised failed to arrive Saturday, and what rolled through Sunday could be replicated by a five-year old throwing a handful of confetti.  Therefore, sad face 😦 Continue reading