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An Unplanned Adventure: Mount Baker

I had this great plan for getting up super early, pre-dawn-style, hopping a ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula and adventuring through a trail system along a lake.  That didn’t so much happen.

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Fantastic Scramble: I HATE Summer

Technically it’s not yet summer.  It is, according to the universe and its calendar, still spring.  You could have fooled me.
Olmstead Island, Great Falls, C&O Canal, Carderock, Maryland, River, Falls, Summer, Spring 2015

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Northern Ireland to the Highlands of Scotland (on cell phone): A Missing Bite Valve, a Train, and a Viaduct

Glenfinnan Viaduct - Famous for the Hogwarts (Jacobite) Train - taken from ScotRail train heading to Mallaig, Scotland - April 2014

Given this is the second time I’m having to write this, I think I’ll go with cliff notes until I post the camera photos.
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Spring Sprang While I Was Away (Short Entry)

It appears spring sprang in the mid-Atlantic while I was away traipsing about foreign lands.  Odd, given it snowed the night before I left.

Lilac bush at ferry farm, virginia

Lilacs at Ferry Farm, Virginia

You can find this beautiful, incredibly fragrant, dark purple lilac bush at George Washington’s boyhood home, Ferry Farm, in Virginia.