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An Unplanned Adventure: Mount Baker

I had this great plan for getting up super early, pre-dawn-style, hopping a ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula and adventuring through a trail system along a lake. ¬†That didn’t so much happen.

Nature is Awesome - Tree Semi-circle - Mt Baker - Snoqualmie Continue reading


Catching Up: Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Sunshine Over the Olympics

So, this was a very unintentional nearly 3-month hiatus, but alas, the human body does what it wants… Continue reading

BOB (Bright Orange Ball) Makes a Comeback: Hot Hike in Catoctin

Sun Solar Flare

Source: NASA

Let me just start by saying something I’m sure I’ve said before: I hate the heat. With a passion. Continue reading

Angry Muscles, Three States in One Day, Brews, and More White Stuff

Sun reflecting off a creek in the forest of Bull Run Marina State Park, Virginia

Somehow I convinced myself¬†that 45 minutes on the bike shouldn’t affect my morning hike on Saturday. I was very, very wrong. Continue reading