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Humid Walk: Prince William Forest Park

Prince William Forest Park, Suspension, Suspension Bridge, Bridge, Forest, Woods, Virginia

Suspension Bridge in Prince William Forest – this photo was shared by VisitVirginia on Instagram!  Thanks, #loveva!

My poetic tribute to humidity:

Oh, humidity, how I hate you.  I have not missed you.  I despise you.  Oh, humidity. Continue reading


A Return to Great Falls


I know, I know. Super dramatic title, right?  Can’t you just feel the drama?  Is it humming through your veins; like that insanely suspenseful build up to a book’s climax that leaves you sitting on edge? Continue reading

Oh, Winter! How I Love Thee!: A Hike and a Snow Walk

Winter is finally here!!!  Real, honest to goodness snow – the kind that actually stays for more than 3 hours before it melts – finally fell here in Virginia last Tuesday and this past Saturday: I’m as giddy as a fat kid in a candy store!

Snap Shot on the way to Work - Snowy Tree - Edited

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Rustic Cabin: No Electricity, No Running Water, and T Smithers Makes Fire!

Wineberry Cabin - PATC - Appalachian Trail, Virginia

Wineberry Cabin

If you were to ask my mother what her version of “camping” or “roughing it” is, she’d tell you it’s renting a room at the Holiday Inn (American ones aren’t necessarily as nice as European ones). I, on the other hand, would tell you it’s being out amongst nature or staying in a rustic or “primitive” cabin in the middle of winter.
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I Broke Free from the Confines of My House! (November – Fall Photos)

Hall-frickin-lujah!  I finally managed to escape the confines of my house in early November.  Yes.  It took me a month to write about it: judge all you want.

Fall on the Potomac River Continue reading

Spring Sprang While I Was Away (Short Entry)

It appears spring sprang in the mid-Atlantic while I was away traipsing about foreign lands.  Odd, given it snowed the night before I left.

Lilac bush at ferry farm, virginia

Lilacs at Ferry Farm, Virginia

You can find this beautiful, incredibly fragrant, dark purple lilac bush at George Washington’s boyhood home, Ferry Farm, in Virginia.

A Saturday Hike and a Sunday Scramble with Some Philanthrophy (Updated)


With The Greekanese out west for a couple weeks and Hiking Buddy catching up on school work, I thought for sure I’d be relegated to hiking alone. Continue reading

A Heathen and a Wildlife Refuge

Little girl and turtle

LOVE this face! “Turtle!”

My favorite little Heathen came to visit with her parents this last weekend, thus, making me the happiest Auntie on the face of the planet.  Even more so when all I heard coming from that little munchkin’s mouth was, “Auntie”, “Auntie”, “Auntie!  Come here, Auntie!” Continue reading

The Joy in Trail Names: A Hike Through Cunningham Falls State Park

In general, one can pretty much assume what kind of hike/climb/trek they’re going to have when they read the name of the trail they’ll be venturing along – at least within the States.  In this case, we chose Old Misery Trail.  Mmhm.Old Misery Trail at Cunningham Falls State Park - Maryland Continue reading