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Ranger Falls

These falls…oh, so much more I could have scrambled, but I left Angsty Teenager and the Greekanese at the trailhead by a stream and decided it would be rude to bail on them for more than an hour ūüôā

Green Lake – I will see you soon.



An Unplanned Adventure: Mount Baker

I had this great plan for getting up super early, pre-dawn-style, hopping a ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula and adventuring through a trail system along a lake. ¬†That didn’t so much happen.

Nature is Awesome - Tree Semi-circle - Mt Baker - Snoqualmie Continue reading

Humid Walk: Prince William Forest Park

Prince William Forest Park, Suspension, Suspension Bridge, Bridge, Forest, Woods, Virginia

Suspension Bridge in Prince William Forest Рthis photo was shared by VisitVirginia on Instagram!  Thanks, #loveva!

My poetic tribute to humidity:

Oh, humidity, how I hate you.  I have not missed you.  I despise you.  Oh, humidity. Continue reading

Fantastic Scramble: I HATE Summer

Technically it’s not yet summer. ¬†It is, according to the universe and its calendar, still spring. ¬†You could have fooled me.
Olmstead Island, Great Falls, C&O Canal, Carderock, Maryland, River, Falls, Summer, Spring 2015

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BOB (Bright Orange Ball) Makes a Comeback: Hot Hike in Catoctin

Sun Solar Flare

Source: NASA

Let me just start by saying something I’m sure I’ve said before: I hate the heat. With a passion. Continue reading

Weather Forecasts Suck: Hike Through Bull Run Mountains

Ullr - Norse God of Skiing, archery, hunting, etc., etc.

Ullr – Norse God of Skiing, archery, hunting, etc., etc.

I was originally hoping to title this, “Snow Hike Through Bull Run Mountains”, but alas, the snow that we were¬†promised failed to arrive Saturday, and what rolled through Sunday could be¬†replicated by a five-year old throwing a handful of confetti.¬† Therefore, sad face ūüė¶ Continue reading

Great Falls Hike (Mud, Heights, Weird Animal Likenesses in the Trees, and More!)

From the first overlook at Great Falls Park

From the first overlook at Great Falls Park

Finally!¬† After nine years -gag me with a spoon: cannot believe I’ve been in VA that long- I made it out to Great Falls Park for a hike/scramble/walk.¬† I’ve had people telling me it was beautiful, awesome, magnificent, etc.¬† I’m so glad they weren’t full of crap! Continue reading

Cold Things Make Me Happy and a Not So Cold Hike from December

View from White Rock Cliff Overlook

View from White Rock Cliff Overlook

I don’t know if it has to do with living on an island in Alaska for almost 7 years as a kid, or if it’s the extraordinarily old “British Isles” roots in me, but I love all things cold.

I’m the chick that will eat a hot fudge sundae in the middle of a blizzard.¬† Continue reading